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Maclocks - Cling BrandMe Universal Tablet Floor Stand

A secure tablet floor stand designed to offer full tablet functionality. The Cling 2.0 BrandMe Floor Stand is designed to work with all iPad models with just one device! This updated version is compatible with a variety of tablet models and sizes making it a near universal tablet security solution. Our Brandme Stand has a customizable display panel allows you to draw attention to the stand and will give your establishment a professional feel. **At this time we don't offer any printing services, however we provide a manual with graphic panel specifications and you can get it printed at almost any print shop.** The BrandMe Stand has a full tilt for an easy was to reverse the screen for ideal viewing and safe interaction. The wires are housed in the base so you always have a clean look. The all steel base is weight balanced to prevent tip-overs at any screen angle. Securing your tablet is a re-designed bracket clamp and VESA wall mount base. The most notable update is to the 100mm x 100mm VESA wall mount now includes cable management and hidden screw holes. The Cling 2.0 bracket can still rotate between portrait and landscape mode and setup is quick and easy. The Cling 2.0 BrandMe Stand offers two added levels of security in that it can be bolted down to the floor, or used as a free moving kiosk when paired with one of our security cable locks.

  • Compatible With Tablets 7" - 13"
  • Brand-able Secure Floor Stand 
  • Rotates Between Orientation Modes
  • Full Tilt VESA Mount Plate
  • Tamper Proof Security Lock
  • Secure Cable Management 
Tablets up to 13”
Screens Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 10.75” x 6” x 4.5”
Max Dimension: 8.50” / 216mm
Min Dimension: 6.50” / 165mm
Max Thickness: 0.36" /9.3mm


Universal Cling BrandMe Includes:
Universal Tablet Mount
BrandMe Floor Stand
Fastening Tool
Mount Cover


Specific Product Part Numbers:
Black - Universal Cling BrandMe: SKU 140BUCLGVWMB
Silver - Universal Cling BrandMe: SKU 140SUCLGVWMS
White - Universal Cling BrandMe: SKU 140WUCLGVWMW