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Oxboard Scooters

These revolutionary Oxboard scooters are very simple to use, extremely maneuverable and helps you get anywhere fast. Plus it's 100% electric which makes it environmental friendly! Oxboard scooters are perfect for kids, teenagers and even adults. These high quality electric scooters are perfect for your small travel needs. 

Oxboard scooters are not only safe and comfortable to use but it's easy to maintain, reasonably priced and Oxboard is also registered in the German “Stiftung elektro-altgeräte Register”. Every Oxboard is provided with a CE hallmark, which means that it complies with the EN15194:2009 standard norm for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles.

Every Oxboard also complies with the American FCC standard regarding radio interference. This means that an Oxboard will not cause interference with other electronic devices which is always good to know in case you want to ride in a hospital or logistics centre with sensitive electronic equipment. Our batteries form the heart of the Oxboard and come straight from the Samsung factories.