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Vogel's Universal Floor Single Stand Speaker Mount for SONOS Play - SOUND series, 3305B for Play 5, HEOS 5 / 7 and other speakers

Integrate your SONOS© PLAY:5, Denon HEOS© 5, HEOS 7 or other large speaker seamlessly into your interior design by placing it on a Vogel's SOUND 3305 floor stand. With a height of 75 cm, the floor stand raises your speaker to ear level when you're seated - which is where speakers sound best. Create the perfect listening position anywhere in the room. The Vogel's floor stand provides secure support for your speaker and comes in black or white to match the colour of your speaker.

Place your speaker where it sounds best

With the Vogel's floor stand, you get the flexibility to create the perfect listening position for your speakers, anywhere in the room. Immerse yourself in music like never before. Ideal for HEOS 5 or 7 and SONOS PLAY:5 speakers.

  • For other speakers than the SONOS or HEOS, the suitable width x depth dimension is between 6 x 5 inches and 17 x 6 inches
  • Hide power & LAN cables inside the stand
  • Ideal height (29.5 inch)
  • High-end design, real materials (aluminum)
  • Dedicated mounting materials for PLAY:5, HEOS 5 and HEOS 7 speakers